Experience the world of hookah with us.

With our variety of flavors and amazing drinks you will have experience of your life. We carry Al Fakher and Molasses brands. Cigar Patrons are welcome, too. We do offer small selection of fine cigars.

One Hose Hookah 15.00, Refill One hose hookah 7.00 (one time only)

Two Hoses hookah 20.00, Refill Two hose hookah 9.00(one time only)

DR 23 (Dr. Pepper), KALI DRIZZLE (Mint-Grape-Blueberry), TANGERINE FEEN (Tangerine), AURORA (Pineapple), AVALANCE (Banana), BLACK WIDOW (Blackberry)
BLUE VIPER (Blueberry), CITRUSTWIST (Lemon Lime), ELECTRIC X (Wild berry), FLOWERPOWER (Sweet Rose), GREENICE (Spearmint), HURRICANE (Mixed Fruit)
HYDROJAVA (Coffee), HYDROPONICS (Peach), HYDROPURPLE (Grape), LES DEUX (Double Apple), MELON DEW (Melon), QING RUBUS (Blue Raspberry)
RAZMATAZ (Raspberry), RED LIGHTNING (Strawberry), RED VENOM (Cherry), SUN RAY (Orange), TROPICAL STORM (Mango).